Stump Removal Whangarei

There are many stump removal options available in Whangarei.  We prefer to avoid axes and crowbars, chainsaw tips and tomi-hawks. We also like to avoid burning pits of diesel drilled into stumps or concoctions of potassium nitrate used in similar way. The most cost effective way of dealing with stump removals and exposed roots of all sizes is to use our excavator to rip them out. This is often less costly than a grinder and results in far more of the stump being removed.

While some stumps can be unsightly in manicured garden settings, it is possible to adorn then with decoration such as coloured planter pots and statues.  These can add period statement and style to your setting.  Other methods of dealing with stumps include using them as botanical structure of by growing coloured vines such as bougainvillea on them, placing upon them mop top plants. Again these add structure via elevation and centre pieces for developing themes.

In some gardens, creative caretakers have embraced stumps rather than trying to rid them from the setting.  Rows of macrocarpa stumps became the basis for some freehand chainsaw carpentry and the birth of BBQ tables and bench seats, rubbish bin pedestals and foundation for bronze plaques.

Alternatively, if you would rather we concentrate on the tree removal and you deal with the stumps yourself, there are several hire companies in Kerikeri, Kamo and Whangarei that have stump grinders and small diggers at reasonable rates. With some basic tuition and a mind for safety this is not beyond the DIY minded gardener.

Whatever you chose Symbiosis Tree Services is dedicated to helping you where possible. We can provide a quality service in all areas of tree work from seedling to maturity. Our team is available for all or part of your job. Our staff are friendly and helpful, our rates are competitive and the job will be completed in a neat and tidy manner, on budget, on time every time… our guarantee.