Tree Logging

Photo of tree logging in Whangarei logging timberDo you have a plantation of pine trees or lucitanica that the logging companies deem not financially viable to harvest? We offer a service for small plantations.

Do you have a windbreak of eucalyptus or poplar that you now want gone? We take care of tree logging for redundant trees.

Do you have a some big old macrocarpa that are a bit ugly, maybe with lots of dead wood and dropping the occasional branch? We offer tree logging for old and dangerous trees!

We are always interested in small tree logging opportunities in Northland. The opportunities that really get our attention are the non-plantation situations where the owner just wants the trees gone, or the plantation is deemed economically unfeasible by the bigger tree logging companies. It is true, the characteristics of each individual tree lot will dictate a lot regarding the deals struck between you as the tree owner, the mill operator, transport companies and us as loggers and arborists. Whatever your particular set of circumstances, we have something to offer in these scenarios and we are usually able to put smiles on everyone’s faces.

We are able to do this because of the quality of the professional relationship we foster with the various mill operators, and transport companies. We understand their cost and profit drivers as well as our own, and so we understand what to harvest and when. We operate on a smaller scale and so avoid the huge overheads of high capital machinery and big tree logging crews, both needing to be productively employed all the time. We are a small family owned local business and so are not answerable to investors looking to maximise return on investment.

Give us a call. We will send one of our qualified, experienced team to take a look and let you know the bottom line. No fuss, no cost. If it solves your problem and covers our costs then we are can take another step. Symbiosis is all about mutual benefit to all parties.